Why is this book different (…from all other books)?

My Family Record Book goes beyond books, pamphlets, and CDs on the market that offer fill-in-the-blank forms. It will elicit explanations that don’t fit in a “box.”

For example, relative to finances, this book helps loved ones or the executor understand information. It prompts the record keeper to explain in his or her own words, where assets come from, the purpose of various accounts, and how to access funds – in addition to account numbers and document location.

And merely stating the digits of our car lease and where the leases are, will not inform my wife that when one of us dies, lease payments still have to be paid until the end of the lease.

Or that there are separate monthly payments for Plan D drug coverage for each of us, but only one joint monthly payment for  medical, as well as dental insurance.

And, and, and …

However, some information is easier to comprehend when listed in a chart.  Another goal of My Family Record Book is to assist you in generating your own tables of information.

But since the record-keeper may not be a computer whiz with Word, this book teaches you how to create your own blank chart or table.

My Family Record Book is intended to be read and understood by you, the record-keeper; a future survivor; and your executor/executrix. Of special note, are the benefits your partner will reap from reading the chapters on downsizing, getting rid of stuff, and organizing an easy relocation.

Uniquely, this book also teaches you how to establish a simple locator system.  It’s not complicated and comes from my forty years of manufacturing experience in a company with five locations, covering almost 600,000 square feet of factory space – so it was necessary to know exactly where a given item was. (The average home is almost 2,400 square feet by comparison.)

Still, it may not be enough to say that the checkbook is in the desk. Where in the desk? Your description of a “location” may not be sufficient for your partner – let alone your executor – but it will reduce stress, and save time and money, if you learn how to identify locations of important documents.

Additionally, humor, true vignettes, and detailed instructions set My Family Record Book apart from books of a similar nature.

Won’t you, the record keeper, feel better knowing you have done everything in your power to help your survivor into the next phase of life? I know I do.