Keys & Locks

Who has all the keys? Where are all the locks in your house? Your business? The security safe in your home?  Even inconsequential things (or so you think) like bicycle locks and lockers at your gym. Where are all the keys to all these locks?  Do you have extra keys? If the locks are combination locks, what are the combinations – and who else knows?

These are all things that can create havoc when faced with a time of disaster – or a time of urgent need.  You simply aren’t thinking clearly – nor should you have to go through mental calisthenics when faced with an urgent need to know or emergency access need.

Who is the locksmith?  Do you have any digital code unlocks for some newer items such as home alarms or cameras or home security features? What is the unlock code for your cell phone – and who else knows – this phone will not be able to be accessed – even by Apple (if you read the news) – if no one has your code.

And finally – my favorite – what are those keys on your keyring?  Do you even know, yourself? Time to catalog, to write the things down that you will forget, or that others will need to access at a moment’s notice.  Don’t lock all that up in your own mind…because it is all too often the case that it will be YOU who needs that information.  Chapter 17 of my book deals with these things…