How do you prepare for the greatest tragedy of your life?


Photo credit: AARP

This letter to an advice columnist certainly caught my attention.  A 73 year old gentleman wrote asking how he could best prepare for the death of his spouse.  He obviously had reason to know, that, barring anything to significantly change circumstances, his wife would predecease him.  The advice the writer gave back was spot on.  While all the organizing and physical preparations in the world can help, it cannot fully prepare you – but it can give you both peace of mind.  The one left behind will not have the utter overwhelming stress of not knowing how the home runs or where and what is/was most important to the other.  So, by all means, organize – and start today.

But also, as this article says…when tragedy does come upon you, you can ground yourself by nurturing the relationships with friends and family. Listen to your spiritual, emotional and physical health. Your intellectual curiosity.  Your relationship with the natural world.  Get in tune with your creative side.  And most of all – allow yourself to be held up by fellow human beings. Also – pets can help…From a loving nuzzle to ready companionship.  Here is the article for your own reference. And a link to a better image. So, plan, organize, and then don’t forget all these things….