Downsizing: Making the Decision

Our decision to downsize took some thought. It’s a daunting task. What an upheaval! How do you know, or will your partner know, when it’s the right time to downsize? And if you should also move? How to get rid of the stuff that’s been saved? You will need to think about the future life of things that you have. Consider what they mean to you – to your family – and whether or not they will have the same meaning when you’re not around.

Here are some ADVANTAGES: You will have increased cash flow which will provide you freedom to travel, dine out, etc.  You may be able to buy a smaller home or a condo, with less responsibilities and physical challenges. You will have fewer belongings and a greater sense of order.

Here are some DISADVANTAGES:  This is emotional.  No two ways about it. It tugs at your heartstrings and memories. If you are not an organized person, you may become even more disorganized than before, but the process does come to an end.  You may not really want to move – or you may disagree with your partner about it.  You may even have a sad feeling when you are done.

For us, we were able to move to a place that was smaller, closer to family, and closer to the cultural activities we loved.  We were able to review, document, and enjoy our lifetime of memories as we sorted, labeled, gave away, and sold.

Chapter 21 of my book is called “Downsizing: Making the Decision”. I hope it is helpful to you as you come to your own decision of IF and WHEN.