Dates to Remember…






As I’ve gotten older and more of our friends are single, there is a greater need to reach out, to maintain relationships – so that they can enjoy the company of another person or couple and avoid being alone. One way to stay connected is to remember their special events – some of which your partner may know and others you may be familiar with. Why not pool your information so that your partner won’t forget these dates, too?

Create a list which will include

  • The name and address of the person – include social media addresses – email, Twitter – and phone numbers, cell and landline.
  • Their special occasion – birthday, anniversary, special holidays to them (Christmas, Passover, etc.).

How to create the list

  • Calendars that you and your partner have kept on the computer or on paper
  • Remember to transfer the birthday/anniversary, etc. dates over when you do your new datebook.

Then what?

  • ¬†Then – you have to check it!¬† Try the 15th of every month…that gives you time to buy a card, postage, mailing a gift, etc.